We’ll See What’s Possible

We’ll See What’s Possible

I’m on set 5 days this week among other issues so we’ll see how much training I can fit in this week.


In solo one I stuck to my new routine of 200m front crawl warm up followed by 8 lengths of kicks, 4 with fins and 4 without. Because the pool was super busy there were four lanes rather than the usual three so I didn’t do too much. I did some more breath hold work by doing the lengths and 30 sec holds, both of which I managed and now seem to be maintaining. I thought I’d try butterfly and see how bad it was. I damn near drowned! My technique is horrible, I’ve deffinetly found what I need to work on next!

In solo two I only had 20 mins so I quickly did my normal warm up of 200m followed by 8 lengths of kicks. It’s better than nothing!

In solo three again I only had 20 mins and I went the same time as the aquafit class (I don’t seem to be good at time management when it comes to swimming!) I did my warm up of 200m then 8 lengths of kicks. Which wasn’t easy while sharing a lane with 2 other people one of which was a slow swimming old lady. Followed by 4 lengths of butterfly kicks.

I managed to actually make it to my taught session this week due to work being cancelled. To warm up I did two sets of 50m front crawl, 50m kicks and 50m arm pulls. Next I did 5 x 50m sprints with 10 secs rest using the fins and hand paddles. This was followed by 50m backstroke. Next I did 3 x 50m sprints with with 3 x 50m breaststroke with an emphasis on the glide. This was followed by another 50m backstroke. To finish the session I started to learn the tumble turn, at the moment I sorta push off downwards and hit the bottom of the pool so some practice is needed there. But what’s great is that I can push off the wall in whichever direction I prefer as long as it’s streamlined. My coach could tell I’ve been doing my solo training and it’s starting to pay off, I’m not getting as tired when I do it.


During the session I seemed to Ben having a bad day with my crash dive ball out preps and straight backs. I ended up having to do lazy backs as a step backwards and then I continued to fuck those up too. My half twist to crash dive weren’t completely horrible but 50% of the time I’d twist straight out of the bed (so when you go to duck it under it goes off at an angle). The other half of the time I’d wait to do the twist but not give it enough power to duck it under. I finished the session with front to fronts, they’re pretty consistent now and they’re higher and have more power which means that I should hopefully be able to turn them into 1-in-3’s soon!

In my second session at Sobell I shared a trampoline with a girl who wasn’t very experienced so I limited my training to things I didn’t need much assistance with. Starting off with tuck fronts and puke fronts to warm up I then moved onto tucked baranis, some of which were very nice and sharp others were very rushed. I need to get them to be a bit more consistent. Next I moved onto crash dives, after getting used to doing them again, a bit higher I did a few with a turn over afterwards then I thought I’d just go for the full ball out. After quite a few attempts I finally got it! The trick was to let myself be pushed back up by the trampoline, I usually go before the trampoline has pinged me back up. I managed to do a lot of them but now I need to get them just a bit faster and consistent so that I can add the twist. This session I’ve found has its uses, pretty much just to practice all the stuff I need to get a bit better on for the test and so that I can build on them aka straight backs and baranis. I prefer to do my main learning at Harrow because they have better and more trusting coaches.


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