Hi I’m Francesca and I have just started training for the British Stunt Register. I’ve decided to write about my journey, I know there’s not a lot of information about what you actually have to go through so hopefully this will help anyone who’s thinking about embarking on a similar journey.

I’ve always loved film and when I started working as an extra a few years back I decided that this was the industry for me. It took me a few years to realise that stunts is what I want to do, as much as I enjoy acting I love the action and the physicality of stunts. I’ve been active my whole life and as corny as it’s going to sound I’ve been unknowingly training for it my whole life too!

Here is a link to the full Rules for anyone looking for the current version

How it all works is you have to choose 6 disciplines, one of which needs a fighting skill. You then need to reach the required level and for some of them (such as Trampolining, gymnastics and diving) take a test.

My six chosen disciplines are:



High Diving

Rock Climbing



Click here to see read about my journey.